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I am a Mexican-born private chef specializing in globally-inspired, Mexican-influenced cuisine.


I was born in Jalisco, Mexico, and grew up in Esperanza, Sonora. I now consider Puerto Vallarta my home. My family lives nearby in the picturesque, magical town of Mascota, Jalisco.


My passion for cooking started at a young age. In my memory, my father was always cooking. When I was a kid, I kept a spoon handy to taste soups, salsa, or other dishes he prepared. And with that, my love of food and cooking grew.


As I grew older, what inspired my career as a chef were the emotions and feelings I experienced eating good food and sharing meals with friends and family. With every dish, with every meal, with every experience, I found a story. So, I became a chef to create stories.


I enrolled in the Puerto Vallarta ISIMA Institute of Higher Studies to study cooking. After finishing school, I worked in different restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.


But I wanted to express my artistry, creativity and imagination. So, I started cooking private dinners. This experience secured my passion for being a private chef. It has helped me learn even more about creating a story for every dish and every meal I serve.


I now consider every meal an event. Whether it’s an intimate dinner, a cocktail party or a celebration, I cook with my heart.  And by the end of the meal, I hope new stories are created for my clients.

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